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COVID Update

Rovers Green Thank you to all of our staff and volunteers who have worked throughout this pandemic to keep our services going, we simply couldn't have done it without you.
All HART Services from the 11th of October are up and running.

However, due to new Covid-19 regulations being in place until the 1st of December 2021 any Social bus that visits a food outlet must only have clients who are double vaccinated on it due to the new dine in venue restrictions.

Any clients requiring medical transport for appointments in QLD will need to adhere to any QLD border entry rules that are in place at the time of travel.

Masks will be worn by HART Services staff and volunteers and we will provide one to any client who requires one. We have the highest level of safety and hygiene in all our vehicles and we are confident that we are able to keep everyone safe.

HART Services is proud to say that we did not stop operating during the COVID pandemic, delivering essential services to our clients under difficult and constantly changing circumstances. And now as we come out the other side, with vaccines rolling out across Australia, we are as ready as ever to help you stay independent and connected to your community.

All services are running normally with additional precautions being taken to maintain high standards of infection control. The only noticeable difference to clients will be less people in our vehicles as we try to maintain social distancing guidelines. We have masks available in every vehicle, for any client who would like to use one.

For your safety, all HART team members have directed to take leave from work or volunteering if they display any cold or flu like symptoms, or have had possible contact with someone from a COVID hotspot. All workers have completed COVID infection control training and they use hand hygiene before and after every episode of physical contact. All vehicles are stocked with hand sanitiser and cleaning equipment, and procedures for cleaning are in place. Frequently touched areas such as door handles, grab bars and seat belts are treated with disinfectant spray or wipes between passengers and all vehicles are given a regular COVID clean to reduce your risk of exposure.

If you concerns about COVID or vaccinations, you can ring the National Coronavirus Helpline on 1800 020 080

You can also call the HART offices on 1300 874 278 and speak to our WHS team about any of our hygiene and safety procedures.


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